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Our Work

CivicCon empowers the Pensacola area through civic conversations by:  

CivicCon Crowd Engaging

Strong Towns

Encouraging a Strong Towns approach to our community to strive for resiliency and an affordable place where "the good stuff" is available to all. 

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Civic Engagement

Working to make sure local elected officials understand the importance of transparency with community members and the power of government encouraging and embracing civic engagement by informed citizens. 

CivicCon Crowd Engaging

Expert Speakers

Attracting national experts to a free speaker series that explores what "great" looks like, shares best practices and how others have overcome challenges in their community.

Sheriff addressing audience


Mentoring civic-minded individuals and groups to move ahead small and big projects that make life better for others.

Thank You

We would like to recognize the contributions of the thousands of people who have attended or viewed on livestream the CivicCon Speaker Series or participated in a CivicCon workshop, civic engagement course or one of the impact events that allows a hands-on opportunity to improve our community. Their participation shows community members willing to learn best practices from experts and to fulfill their responsibility to be informed and engaged to improve the quality of life where they live.

Special recognition goes to the nearly 200 CivicCon Sustaining Members whose donations, participation and leadership have been essential to the first five years of CivicCon. They help identify the problems and opportunities that guide CivicCon’s efforts to provide community education that leads to public dialogue and ultimately actions.

We couldn’t do CivicCon events without the help of our many loyal volunteers. Thank you for the time and talent you give to CivicCon. And we are indebted to the many expert speakers who have traveled here to share insights and best practices on the myriad of complex issues facing our community.

Your efforts make CivicCon possible. You are the cornerstone of positive citizen-powered change.

We believe CivicCon’s strategies move past politics and perceived division. Over the past 5 years we have learned that community members find many things they can agree upon when they have more opportunities to be informed and be a part of public dialogue.

A community that has ongoing civic engagement opportunities finds it easier to work together to create a better place to live, a stronger economy and a place where your children and grandchildren want to live.

Community members and organizations from Mobile, AL, Lafayette, LA, Stillwater, OK, and Palatka, FL all have reached out and worked with our team to create versions of CivicCon. Many others have read the book, Building A Vibrant Community: How Citizen-Powered Change Is Reshaping America by one of CivicCon’s founding board members, Quint Studer, and have reached out to learn more about our local experience building community engagement and making democracy work better.

The Center for Civic Engagement is a nonprofit that develops workshops, webinars, and a CivicCon toolkit intended to assist these and other communities that want to put community engagement first before decisions are made. Let us know how we can help.

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