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Quintessential Leadership Team members, Studer Community Institute

Who we are?

The Quintessential Leadership Team had its beginnings based on informal discussions with Quint Studer who inquired as to what had previously been taught in terms of leadership curriculum in Northwest Florida. To his surprise, there was no such instruction available. It was at this point that the beginnings of the “Quint Tank Team” emerged. After a series of meetings with Quint Studer the following team members were assembled based on their level and knowledge of leadership orientated development.

The members of the “Quint Team” are:

  • Karen Atkins, Pace High School
  • Claudia Cassevah, Pace High School
  • Renee Giles, West Florida High School
  • Josh Stewart, Leon High School

All four teachers are teaching Student Government or leadership courses in a variety of 9-12 grade public schools in the Florida Panhandle.

For the past two and half years the “Quint Team” has been working on developing leadership techniques and strategies in hopes of training fellow teachers to implement in their classrooms. It has been a wonderful experience collaborating with each other and we appreciate the generosity the Studer Foundation has provided us. We look forward to sharing our vision with you and gaining valuable feedback from you as well.

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