Accelerate Roundtable Program for Leadership Development

Business Growth

Accelerate Roundtable Program

Connecting like-minded business leaders to accelerate their businesses.

Better Together

One thing we know about leadership is that we can’t do this alone. We need support, regardless of our position. The Accelerate Roundtable Program was created for leaders looking for a safe space to share their experiences, find comradery and brainstorm solutions to issues. 

Each roundtable is led by one of our Accelerate Advisors; community leaders who are dedicated to providing members with the resources, tools and advice they need to solve problems and improve their professional lives. 

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Regular Meetings

Meet with your roundtable group once a month either virtually or in-person

Networking Events

Quarterly networking events with special guests

Private Discussion

Access to our member’s only private social media page

Objective Analysis

Invaluable support from other members of the business community

Accelerate Advisors

Each group is led by a member of our Advisory Board; a group of innovative and influential members of the business community.

Ashlee  Hofberger

Ashlee Hofberger

General Manager, First Onsite

Andrew Rothfeder

Andrew Rothfeder

President, Studer Properties

Becki Haines

Becki Haines

HR and Leadership Expert

Randy  Ramos

Randy Ramos

In Loving Memory

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