Accelerate Roundtable Program for Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Accelerate Roundtable Program

Connecting like-minded business leaders to accelerate their businesses.

Better Together

Every two months in downtown Pensacola, business leaders are getting together to talk about what keeps them up at night. We live in a digital age, but something special happens when in-person communication occurs. Not only are relationships built, but real problems are brought to the table, brainstorming begins, and solutions are offered. Our Accelerate Roundtable Program offers a unique opportunity for business leaders to gather in a safe, supportive environment.

Participating in this type of program improves the chances of a small business succeeding in the first 5 years. Having a mentor (and the support of other business leaders) is invaluable.

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The program runs from August – August, and includes many benefits for business owners and leaders. Here are just a few.

Regular Meetings

Meet with your roundtable group once every two months

Network Events

Quarterly networking and Q&A with Quint Studer events

Private Discussion

Access to our member’s only private social media page

Objective Analysis

Invaluable support from other members of the business community

Accelerate Advisors

Each group is led by a member of our Advisory Board; a group of innovative and influential members of the business community.

Shon Owens

Shon Owens

Owner and Founder, Owens Custom Homes

Greg Miller

Greg Miller

Owner, iSpeed Solutions

Andrew Rothfeder

Andrew Rothfeder

President, Studer Properties

Donna Kirby

Donna Kirby

Vice President of Operations for the Pensacola Blue Wahoos