SCI Angel Fund


Crowdfunding campaign to provide training and mentorship to those in need.


Small businesses are struggling...

America's small businesses are the real engine of our local, regional and national economy. They are the heart and soul of our communities. 
When they are struggling to stay afloat, developing employee skillsets is likely to be found at the bottom of their priority list.

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Small businesses account for 99.9% of the country's companies. 

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With around two million registered and an $800 billion economy, small businesses are vital to FL's economy. 

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Small businesses create two out of three new jobs in America.

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Almost all (99.9%) of women-owned businesses are considered small businesses. 

...and they need our help.

SCI has been a trusted partner and supporter of small businesses for years. 
One person, one business at a time, our training and mentorship programs are making a big difference.

SCI Accelerate Round Table

Our Accelerate Roundtable program gives small businesses a listening ear and a solid mentor. 

Live training session

Our live training gives small businesses the tools they need to grow bigger (and better). 

online training webinar

And now, our online training gives small businesses the chance to learn, no matter their location.

Experience COVID-19's impct on Pensacola businesses.

Here's how you can help make a difference.

While COVID-19 has changed the way we fulfill our mission, it has not changed the need. In fact, now more than ever businesses need our help. Some are fortunate enough to be doing well, however many are struggling to survive. 

Make a difference now by donating and becoming an SCI Angel, or get help now by applying for Angel Assistance if your business is struggling.



Donate any amount and a business owner or leader will get a scholarship to attend vital skills-training. You can name the business, or we will choose a deserving business most in need.




Apply for help and us know what vital skills training you and/or your team need. Please note this is not direct financial assistance. Submitted applications do not guarantee a scholarships.


By becoming an SCI Angel, you will:

• Help provide vital skills training our businesses need.
• Provide free training opportunities for those in industries hit the hardest.
• Be a difference-maker.
• Improve the quality of life for people.
• As a corporate sponsor, you will halo your organization as one that cares about the community, developing leaders, and creating great spaces to work. 
• Your donation will be tax-exempt to the extent allowed by law AND if you donate more than $100 you will receive a limited-edition SCI Angel t-shirt as a small token of our gratitude.
"BlabTV has made amazing progress in the last two years, in no small part, because of SCI training. The stronger we get, the more of an asset we will become for SCI and the community. Thank you for all you do." —SCI Angel Doug Bunze, CEO of BlabTV

SCI will not be providing direct financial assistance. 
An application does not guarantee a scholarship for training.

What would be helpful to you or your staff?
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