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  • June 3, 2019
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Quint Studer Busy Leader's Handbook

As a leader, you have probably sat down and come up with plans. You've seen the future, and it's full of success for you and your organization. You're going to be the best leader anyone's ever seen, with the happiest employees. What happens when those plans don't account for, well, the unexpected?

Even with the best intentions, it's impossible to predict what may be coming down the pipeline. However, there are tactics you can put in place so that when instances of extra stress occur, you are prepared to deal with these moments without it affecting the well-being of your employees, customers and other stakeholders. You also need to know how to manage yourself, how to learn to say no, and how to manage work/life balance. Being a great leader means getting the fundamentals right, but it also means consistently doing the "little things" (for both you and your employees) that make a positive difference. 

Studer Community Institute’s founder, Quint Studer, will be providing the attendees of his workshop, The Busy Leader’s Handbook Series, the tools they need for not just these intense moments, but for every day. Quint draws on his 30+ years of experience in helping organizations of all sizes and leaders at every level reach peak performance. Comprehensive in scope, this workshop series overflows with insights and practical advice to help you make smart leadership decisions. By having plans in place and being prepared, you will no longer be caught off guard when things get hectic. 


That sounds uncomfortable…

Part of Quint’s discussion will be about the uncomfortable moments in leadership. This includes things like giving and receiving critical feedback. By attending this workshop, you will not only receive the tools needed to identify high, middle and low performing team members, but you’ll learn how to deal with giving them the feedback they need to improve or sustain their performance.

What else will I learn?

This will be the second session of a two-part series based off of Quint’s upcoming book, The Busy Leader’s Handbook: How to Lead People and Places that Thrive. Don’t worry if you missed the first session; you will still be provided with useful tips and tactics that you can put into action right away. 

During this session, you will learn best practices, tools, tips, and tactics for:

Engaging employees

Revitalizing your company culture

Delighting customers

Building a high-performing company

Some of the main topics that will be covered:

Why being unsettled creates the greatest type of leadership

How to be up front and transparent

How to be self-aware and coachable

How to be a good follower

The importance of filling in (instead of rising above)

How to manage yourself in stressful/busy times

How not to take things personally as a leader

How to figure out other’s “whats” – and communicate your own

Who should attend?

While we use the term “leader” in the description of this series, let’s clear up who Studer Community Institute considers a leader.

Business owners


Manager/HR managers

Leaders new to their role

Anyone interested in developing their skills and taking on new challenges and responsibilities

Don’t let your job title keep you from leading. ANYONE can be a leader. It’s up to you to develop your skills and knowledge.

About Quint Studer 

Quint is a businessman, a visionary, an entrepreneur, a mentor to many, and extremely dedicated to the Northwest Florida community. He has given his life to designing the building blocks for people and organizations that guide them to achieving and sustaining high performance. 

Quint has authored seven leadership-based books both inside and outside the healthcare industry. His books have landed on both the Wall Street Journal and Business Week’s bestsellers list. In addition, he writes a syndicated weekly employee development column that runs every Sunday in the Pensacola News Journal. 

Quint is a “fire starter” for igniting the flame in each of us to be the best we can and build a more vibrant community. 

Event Details

This workshop is brought to you by Clark Partington Attorneys at Law. For over 40 years, Clark Partington has dedicated their firm to their clients, with a foundation built on experience, integrity, legacy, and a drive to succeed not only as individuals, but as a team. We are grateful that Clark Partington has invested in the learning and growth of our community leaders. 

Sign up for The Busy Leader Handbook Series Part 2 session coming up Friday, June 7th. Seating is limited for this very popular event! 

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