SCI Featured on ''Connecting The Community'' Broadcast

  • November 28, 2022
  • /   Steve Nissim
  • /   early learning,early-learning
The episode of ''Connecting The Community'' featured SCI President Rachael Gillette along with team members Frency Moore and Donte Sheppard.

We love our mission of "Improving The Quality Of Life For All People In The Diverse Communities We Serve". A big part of fulfilling that mission is making people aware of what SCI is doing and getting them involved.  The opportunity to spend an entire hour on a significant TV show like "Connecting The Community", digging deep on all the work SCI is doing, is a tremendously valuable way to spread the word. The show, hosted by Rameca Vincent Leary, aired on WSRE-TV (PBS for the Gulf Coast) and can be watched on demand here.

The hour long broadcast was broken up into three segments, each focusing on a different facets of SCI: "Building Brains", "Building Jobs", "Building Community". Along with SCI President Rachael Gillette, other SCI team members appearing on the show were Frency Moore, Early Brain Development Advocate, Donte Sheppard, Early Brain Development Program Manger, and Steve Nissim, Chief Storyteller. 

The episode of ''Connecting The Community''

Other guests highlighted SCI's strong partnerships in the community. The Pensacola News Journal, who collaborates with SCI on CivicCon, was represented by Executive Editor Lisa Nellessen-Savage and Content Coach Kevin Robinson.  Andrew Rothfeder, Founder of Rothfeder Real Estate, Lloyd Reshard, Kukua Institute Board Chair, and Nikki Cummings, an Entrepreneur and Growth Advisor, all spoke to SCI's efforts in "Building Jobs", benefiting area entrepreneurs and business leaders.

The episode of ''Connecting The Community''

The show included numerous video clips and sound bites highlighting different SCI programs and people that are benefiting from them. It ended up being a great representation and explanation of the work SCI is doing and the impact it's having. A big win in enhancing our mission, with a big thanks to Dr. Leary and WSRE-TV.

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