Why We Must All Become Lifelong Learners…and How EntreCon® Makes It Easy

  • October 28, 2020
  • /   Dottie DeHart
  • /   EntreCon Pensacola,entrecon,Training Development,leadership-development
Lifelong learning matters — here's why.

The world is shifting around us at unprecedented speed. Technology is advancing quickly, and employer needs are changing along with it. Plus, multiple forces (economic, political, cultural) are causing upheaval in the business world. The pace of change means we can’t afford to stand still. We must keep learning if we’re to remain viable, employable, and at the top of our game.
All of this is to say ongoing training matters more than ever. In fact, it has moved from a nice-to-have to a must-have. We can no longer rely on traditional “front-loaded” education to allow us to keep up. Any skill a worker may learn in college may become obsolete almost overnight. They will need to constantly learn new skills throughout their career trajectory.
Research shows there is a skills gap between the skills employers need and those that job seekers and current employees actually have. While some of this gap can be filled by hiring, employers will increasingly expect their people to learn new skills. 
Whatever our role in an organization—employee, middle manager, senior leader, contractor, etc.—ongoing learning is a crucial part of our path. We cannot wait for the company we work for to suggest or require it. We need to take the lead, to own our own training and development.

Becoming a lifelong learner is an investment in yourself. Some companies may have cut training budgets. Other companies may have to spend valuable training time on specific or technical skills, due to all the new technology in the workplace. You will have to grow your own skills in other areas if you’re to stay in alignment with changing employer needs.

The bottom line? You need to 1) know how to learn, and 2) fall in love with the learning process. The key to both is simply to do lots of learning. Like everything else, becoming a good learner takes practice. Find a topic that grabs your heart and mind and really lean in. When you do this again and again, you’ll find you’re increasingly able to spark your own curiosity and nurture your own vital skills as you move forward.

Whether you’re an individual ready to start your own lifelong learning journey, or an employer hoping to inspire this mindset in your leaders or employees, EntreCon® 2020 is the perfect jumping-off point. Coming to you LIVE Wednesday and Thursday, November 18-19, EntreCon® will take place inside an innovative digital platform.

Just a few reasons why you’ll love it: 

  • We vet the experts so you don’t have to. We have a fabulous lineup, all handpicked based on some of the most pressing issues in business. This year we’ve been able to access experts we may not have been able to get before.
  • The virtual format saves time. You can attend any session since you can access them on-demand later. Also, you don’t have to travel, and you can work between sessions.
  • It’s also less expensive. 
  • People who may not have been able to go in the past can go this way—for example, people from other communities or parents with young children.
  • We have a cool, interactive platform that makes learning engaging and fun. You’ll be able to create your own avatar that lets you shake hands, speak face-to-face, and explore venue spaces (and you don’t have to be a tech genius to do any of this!). Click here for more info. 

Do an EntreCon® “test drive.” You can try it for FREE at our Virtual World Tour happening Friday, Oct. 30, from 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. CST. It’s a come-and-go, self-tour-style event, so you can create your avatar and take a look around at your own leisure. The deadline to RSVP for this public event is Thursday, Oct. 29, by 11:00 a.m.  

EntreCon® 2020 is made possible thanks to the support of Pensacola International Airport, Cox Business, Titanium Wireless, Complete DKI, UWF Center for Entrepreneurship, Co:Lab, and Catalyst HRE among many other gracious sponsors.