Asking for employee feedback takes courage and pays dividends

  • July 15, 2016
  • /   Rachael Gillette
  • /   video

IRIS has a bold mission.

"We want to end preventable blindness and help America see their grandkids," said company CEO and founder Jason Crawford. "If we don't have everyone engaged, everyday we are not going to be able to fulfill the mission."

Studer Community Institute recently carried out an employee engagement survey for IRIS, who have 18 employees. Crawford explained how vital the feedback is to the company on the EntreCon Pensacola show on BlabTV with Quint Studer.

"We are very transparent with our employees, and encourage them to share their ideas and input, but having an outside company come in and do the survey meant that our employees could be totally frank. We gained some very useful insights that we can take and act to improve."

Studer commended Crawford for rolling out the survey.

"It takes courage to be willing to hear the bad as well as the good, the negative as well as the positive." Studer said. "Your results were great, but you didn't know that when you went into this."

When Crawford was in the army he had some great leaders and some who were not so great. This experience taught him how his troops gave extra effort for the good leaders — his first lesson in how engaged individuals are willing to go the extra mile.

Now as he leads his "troops" at IRIS, Crawford is a firm believer in using an employee engagement survey as a tool to find out what he and other leaders are doing well and what can be improved.

"You have given us a powerful tool. There is no doubt that it is great value." he said.

Crawford is planning to use SCI's Employee Engagement Toolkit to roll out the results with his employees and put action plans in place to work on the areas they want to make changes.

Watch the full interview with Crawford and learn how IRIS is using the Employee Engagement Survey and tools supplied by Studer Community Institute to multiply business success.

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