Tip your hat to 'The Bulb'

  • August 5, 2016
  • /   Nicole Webb
  • /   video

Studer Community Institute now has “Be The Bulb” hats.

The gray baseball hats are available in two styles: white-mesh back and solid back. They feature the yellow Be the Bulb logo, but you will notice that the Institute's name does not appear on it.

The reason: Because the light bulb represents the entire community as a brighter place for future generations. We believe it takes the whole community to turn on the light to make a brighter future.

This symbol also represents the drive for citizen-powered change and making a difference.

Support the work of the Studer Community Institute by making a donation, and you will receive your “Be The Bulb” hat. The hats are available at our office at 121 S. Palafox Place, Ste. B or at our training workshops. The next training is August 25 on Hiring Talent.