CEO rectangular tables recharge the entrepreneur spirit

  • August 19, 2016
  • /   Nicole Webb
  • /   training-development

Matt Powell, Powell Entertainment and Candys Hess, Intuitive Training and Consulting at a recent Studer Community Institute CEO Rectangular Table.

Studer Community Institute and Quint Studer host monthly CEO “Rectangular Tables” for small group discussion. The groups consist of five to eight business leaders who have open dialog on the challenges and opportunities they are facing.

Growing businesses is key to job creation and improving the quality of life in Pensacola, and a commitment to helping small businesses grow and develop is a core goal of the Institute’s training and development arm.

“The cross-section of employers in the group created a very good dynamic for the exchange of issues and ideas,” said Todd Torgersen with Combined Insurance Services. “It was a very worthwhile experience and something I definitely plan to continue.”

Attendees say they often leave the meetings more motivated and reenergized. Some say they will refocus and think like a franchise, and others will survey their clients and employees for feedback. Some leaders want to be more open to admitting what they don't know in their position and actively seek out others who may have had similar challenges.

After attending a CEO meeting, some of the attendees said they learned how to stop procrastinating and blaming "corporate" or another part of the organization for making a change. The Business leaders learn how to make the case for change within their organization.

Hiring the right employees continues to be a challenge and at the forefront for many CEOs and business leaders. Many leaders want to know the ins and outs of the interview process and if they are asking the right questions to get the right candidate for the job.

On Aug. 25, the Studer Community Institute will host a Hiring Talent workshop that will delve into these topics. There is still time to register, click here.

New to the CEO Rectangular Table meetings is the addition of a group that is specifically in the “start up” phase of their business or is thinking about starting a business. This opportunity will allow people who are in similar phases of business to share their challenges and learn from each other and Quint.

If you would like to attend a “CEO Rectangular Table,” contact Nicole Webb at [email protected].

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