Early Learning playground finds home at Gonzalez Court

  • February 2, 2022
  • /   Reggie Dogan
  • /   early learning,early-learning
Gonzalez Court is latest site for an early learning garden in Pensacola
A new year ushers in a new place for children to play and learn.

Area Housing Commission's Gonzalez Court off of Ninth Avenue is the new home of an early learning garden in Pensacola.

Sandy Sansing and his family stepped up to donate $25,000 toward the playground designed for children under 5 years old.

The goal of the project is to provide the children of Gonzalez Court with an educational play space that highlights nature and the environment as part of the design.

This will inspire their play to be purposeful and give them a connection to the natural world they do not currently have. The playground also will inspire the community at large to replicate such an investment in other under-served areas.

The Gonzalez garden comes on the heels of the Sitton Bear Kugelman playground dedicated last year at Moreno Court on Old Corry Field Road. Another early learning play space is planned for Area Housing Commission's Attucks Court off of Cervantes Street.

The Make Play Smart playgrounds create a play space that is fun and also support the healthy development of a child’s brain. That is an aspect of the SCI’s efforts to support healthy early brain development and school readiness in Pensacola.

Research shows that being in nature boosts a child's brain development and ability to focus, be creative and solve problems. This project takes elements of play and nature and combines them into a learning space that is beautiful and fun.

Thanks to Bear Construction for managing the design, construction and installation of the play space, which was based on a similar space at Bodacious Brew.
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