How to talk with kids about a storm

  • September 22, 2020
  • /   Shannon Nickinson
  • /   early-learning,for-parents
mother and child
Hurricane season can be a scary time -- from parents and kids alike.

We learned that for sure with Hurricane Sally, and the storm season lasts until Nov. 1.

How do you talk about storms -- and their aftermath -- with your kids? We asked our friends at WSRE for help.

They shared some great tools from the PBS family and we want you to have them, too. 

Knowledge is power. Help your child learn about weather so that they can begin to understand it better.  PBS has a great reading list, linked here.

Kids are watching you for clues. You may feel relief, frustration, sadness — and everything in between — after a storm. Remember your kids are watching you. The way you respond will be the way they respond. 

If you are OK, help someone. What happens to one home in a storm may be totally different than what happens right down the street or at a grandparents’ or friend’s house. If you are OK, helping a neighbor, relative or friend who needs help recovering from the storm’s damage is a good deed — and it’s good for you.

Mr. Rogers always said when something bad happens, look for the helpers. The helpers will always be there — and sometimes, they can be you. 

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