Securadyne makes a difference through volunteering

  • November 5, 2018
  • /   Reggie Dogan
  • /   education,early-learning
Securadyne volunteers carrying refrigerators into apartments at Moreno Court
Securadyne Systems provide electronic security services for businesses, organizations and people across the country, including Pensacola.
Their customer service extends beyond providing security. Once a year, Securadyne gives their employees off for an entire day to give back to its community.
Pensacola’s Securadyne last month answered the call of service during its annual “Day of Service,” donating a full day of man and woman power to make a difference through volunteerism.
Pensacola Area Housing Commission was the recipient of Securadyne’s good deeds. Nearly 30 employees spent a Friday, Oct. 19, installing nearly 100 new refrigerators in Area Housing complexes at Moreno Court.
Securadyne Systems is a full-service security provider based in Dallas, with branches across the country, including Pensacola.
Securadyne Systems in Pensacola provides video security for Studer Family of Companies’ Bodacious Shops.
Securadyne Systems Day of service is a long-standing tradition in which employees corporately take a day off to volunteer for a not-for-profit 501©3 organization in their community. 
Securdyne officials initially contacted Studer Community Institute to offer its volunteer services, but SCI didn’t have enough volunteer work to meet their company’s needs for the day.
SCI connected Securdyne with Area Housing, which has a partnership in early learning initiatives through parent outreach programs.
Area Housing had recently bought new refrigerators but didn’t have the staff to get them installed before the end of the year.
Securadyne stepped in and in one day make a big difference that Area Housing and its residents greatly appreciated.
“We are so grateful for the opportunity extended to us from the Studer Community Institute to work with Securadyne,” said Shirley Henderson, Area Housing Commission deputy executive director. “They were happy to assist and we were happy to have them. “We have received nothing but great reviews from the tenants and staff about the help they gave us.”
Andrew Dale, Area Housing modernization coordinator who worked along with Securadyne. Dale helped the crew of volunteer unwrap and unbox the refrigerators, dispose of the wrappings, lift, carry, install and set up the refrigerators, all in a day’s work of giving and sharing.
“Securadyne showed commitment, dedication, enthusiasm and respect for the residents,” Dale said. “The crew did not complain or show any animosity to the residents; they were respectful and extremely polite throughout the process of refrigerator exchange.  
Dale said because of Securadyne’s devotion, Area Housing exceeded its original estimation of refrigerator installation.
“The residents of Moreno Court were pleased, very enthusiastic and excited to receive the awaited replacement refrigerators. “Many of them said  they were unaware of the new appliances, but at the same time grateful and pleased,” Dale said.  “Securadyne worked in harmony with each other, all with safety and care for each other, and without fail.” 
Debby Westergreen of Securadyne Systems said the volunteers felt blessed to have “found the perfect partner to work with this year.”
“We enjoyed helping out and they are a fun group to work with and some of the residents at Moreno Court really touched our hearts,” Westergreen said. “Just as I imagined, we gained way more out of helping Area Housing than we gave back in physical work.”

Photo provided by Kristina Wright