Chart - ALICE Rate

Community Initiatives


The ALICE Rate is a way to track how many families are struggling in a community. ALICE stands for Assets Limited Income Constrained, Employed – it means people who have a job, but have minimal savings, often described as “paycheck-to-paycheck families.”

Source: United Way of Florida

Note : The ALICE rate is higher than the poverty rate, and is based on the cost of living to meet basic needs in a county. Experts call that the “Household Survival Budget” – how much you need to get by.

For 2018 in Escambia County, the Household Survival Income for a family of 2 adults and 2 children was $56,520. In Santa Rosa County, it was $60,768.

Community Initiatives

The Studer Community Institute exists for one reason: to improve the quality of life by building vibrant communities.

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