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CivicCon Center

Great cities begin with great dialogue.

That’s the driving force behind CivicCon, which is growing into the third pillar of Studer Community Institute. The CivicCon speaker series began with Chuck Maron, the founder of Strong Towns, in 2017. Since then, it has become the foundation for a community that is well-informed and more engaged in what it takes to build a better place for everyone. 

CivicCon is a partnership between Studer Community Institute and the Pensacola News Journal. The series brought nationally-known urban planners and other experts to share what makes a city a great place to live, grow and prosper. CivicCon has an active email list of more than 1,800 people. Livestream audiences now regularly average more than 12,000 views.

CivicCon attendees told us that they wanted more involvement than just frequent lectures. They wanted to shape the city’s future. That’s how the Center for Civic Engagement was born — as the action arm of CivicCon. In early 2019, Terry Horne was named the first executive director of the Center.

CivicCon empowers the Pensacola area through civic conversations by:

Attracting national experts to a speaker series that explores what "great" looks like and how others have overcome challenges in their community.

Offering Civic Engagement Courses that increase the knowledge base and skill set for people who want to be engaged in public affairs and work to make this a stronger place to live, invest, grow and prosper.

Mentoring civic-minded individuals and groups to move ahead small and big projects that make life better for others. 

Encouraging a Strong Towns approach to our community to strive for resiliency and an affordable place where "the good stuff" is available to all. 

Working to make sure local elected officials understand the importance of transparency with community members and the power of government encouraging and embracing civic engagement by informed citizens. 

For more information about CivicCon and the CivicCon center, contact Terry Horne by email at [email protected]

Community Initiatives

The Studer Community Institute exists for one reason: to improve the quality of life by building vibrant communities.

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