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Early Brain Development


Our goal is to make our community America’s First Early Learning City. We are poised to make a huge difference and other communities will learn from us.  America’s First Early Learning City is one in which all parts of the community work as one to make sure every child has the best chance to succeed at school and life.

Because research shows us that nearly 85 percent of the brain is developed in a child’s first three years of life, it’s vital that we encourage and educate parents on how to develop their baby's brain from day one. Working with experts, SCI has identified the steps and created programs that will help every child be ready for kindergarten and put them on the path to a successful life. You can help build a brain, build a life, build a community!

Watch these videos to see SCI's early brain development efforts in action!

Sibling Brain Builders

Creating An Early Learning City: Building Brains Everyday

Basics Insights Texts: Making An Impact For Pensacola Area Parents
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