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Leadership Development

Creating jobs and great places to work.

Building jobs creates a vibrant community.

Growing businesses and jobs is vitally important to the success of a community. 
The research and data are clear; small businesses drive job growth and economic development. If we want a thriving, vibrant community we need to help entrepreneurs start businesses, and existing companies grow and add jobs. 
Our Leadership Development division exists to provide programs, training and resources to help owners to grow their companies and help leaders be successful.

Become A SCI Leadership Partner 

Become a Member for only $25 per month or $300 per year and receive exclusive SCI Leadership Content and Early Access to Training Sessions.

New! Leader Certification Program

Studer Community Institute’s Leader Certification program is designed for both individuals wanting to advance their careers and organizations looking to provide skill development and growth opportunities for employees. 

Comparable programs through universities and other leading organizations average around $3,500 per certification course. Earn your SCI Leadership Certificate for just $750!

Supports a performance-based culture.  

Increases personal and employee engagement.    

Grows transferable skills to add to your resume.

Provides personal sense of achievement.  

Attracts and keeps top talent in your organization.