Leadership Curriculum

Quintessential Leadership: A Plan for Instruction

This plan is structured for unit-by-unit teaching, with suggested order of elements and approximate days of in-class time for completion. Some course work will overlap the instructional time from other units, as certain projects and assignments are designed for extended work and service. There is also listed a suggestion for the appropriate amount of time each Activity should need from start to completion outside of the instructional class period. Depending on how you use your instructional time and assignments, students may be required to complete certain portions outside of class. These are suggestions that correlate with specific activities and materials in the Quinessential Leadership program. Use them in whatever fashion best fits your time frames and student needs.

At minimum, this curriculum will fill an entire 9 weeks of daily instructions. In an exclusive leadership class, it will take a semester once other basic activities are included, or if any supplemental materials are added. If used as part of a Student Council/Student Government course, it will likely take the entire school year to complete once other activities and responsibilities are taken into account.

Below is the plan overview. You may download a printable detailed unit plan and also instructions for every unit separately.

Download detailed plan


Service Leadership

Teacher leads/instructs about service and leadership. What is Servant Leadership? It is a philosophy and set of practices that enriches the lives of induviduals, builds better organizations, and ultimately creates a more just ans caring world(e.g. - Jesus, Ghandi, M.L.K. Jr., Mother Teresa; also business leaders, civic leaders, sports figures, community members).

Measurable outcomes:

  • Increased awareness of your own strengths and areas for growth
  • Demonstrating perseverance and commitment in activities
  • Planning and initiating activities


Communication is essential in order to be successful. Proper soft skills, public speaking, listening, writing, and netiquette skills are vital to communicate effectively. This unit will cover all of these components separately.

  • Soft Skills
  • Public Speaking
  • Listening
  • Writing
  • Netiquette

Budget and Finances

Financial responsibility and independance should be developed at an early age in order to build wealth and achieve financial security. Students should be able to create and maintain a budget before graduating high school. Students should also be educated about the benefits and consequences of credit cards and loans. When applicable, students should understand the procedures for collecting, receiving, purchasing, and processing money in an organizational/school setting.

Measurable outcomes:

  • Students are able to create a personal and professional budget
  • Understanding the costs associated with the use of credit, while also recognizing the benefits

Goal Setting and Priorities

Understanding who you are and what you want out of life is vital for success. Setting goals is an important activity for all students to achieve. An excercise included in this unit will help stuents develop a specific plan for any goals they may have.

Measurable outcomes:

  • Students will define priorities and establish routines which reflect those priorities
  • Students will write SMART goals and track their progress throughout the course

Organization and Time Management

Life can be crazy at times. Students should be in the habit of keeping a planner or calendar to best organize their time. Time wasters are things that prevent us from using out time to do something that is more valuable or more important. Understanding which things are waisting our time and which things are adding benefits to out lives will help students prioritize effectively.

Measurable outcomes:

  • Students will maintain a binder/portfolio that is organized and thorough for the duration of the course
  • Students will demonstrate their understanding of how to use their time effectively
  • Students will describe the relationship between time and achievement of objectives
  • Students will maintain a weekly planner where they record important dates, activities, etc.

Conflict Resolution and Feedback Management

To be an effective leader, it's important to learn how to help a team resolve conflict productively and satisfactory for all members of the team. This unit focuses on helping teens gain awareness of their style of dealing with disagreements, how to take constructive feedback, and also how to give it.

Measurable outcomes:

  • Students will identify their own personal conflict style
  • Students will learn how to work with people who have a different conflict style
  • Students will learn techniques to resolve conflict productively

Foundations of Leadership

This module encompasses various skills and principles that are fundamental to leadership in any organization or group setting. Understanding and practicing these skills will set your students up for life long success in any career path they choose.

In this unit:

  • Personality Profiles
  • Character Development
  • Rounding
  • Emotional Bank Account
  • Running Effective meetings
  • And more

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