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What do you sound like in the first five minutes that you come home to your family?

  • May 12, 2021
  • Brittani Hunter
Parent and child Parent and child

What do you sound like in the first five minutes that you come home to your family?

Do you list all the things that went wrong or irritated you at work? Do your sentences start, “You won’t believe what So-And-So did today…”?

Dr. Robert Brooks wants parents to think before they speak and switch the narrative — to the benefit of their children.
When you dump your negative day on your family first thing, your children get the message that stress overwhelms you every single day. If you seem to struggle to cope all the time, they will, too. Brooks says that can have a negative impact on how your child will learn to manage stress later on.

He specializes in childhood resilience, the “process of competent functioning under duress and adversity.” Out of resilience comes self-discipline, a strong mindset, and many other attributes that create a “resilient mindset.”
So next time you’ve had a long day, and nothing seemed to work in your favor, take a breather, and remember that you have a kiddo waiting to see your smiling face at home.

To learn more about Dr. Brooks and his take on childhood resilience please visit his website:

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