Radio spots encourage parents to use power to build language skills

Parents in the Thirty Million Words Initiative learn the importance of talking to their babies from birth. Photo credit: TMW.

Following the announcement of the Be The Bulb winners, you may be wondering what is next? The light bulb is turned on. Now the light needs to spread.

As part of that effort, the Institute staff has created radio spots using tips from Dr. Dana Suskind’s book, “Thirty Million Words: Building a Child’s Brain.” The tips, featuring Institute founder Quint Studer, offer practical advice for parents and caregivers to exposure young children to more words.

Research that Suskind and her team at the University of Chicago have done supports research that indicates that the more words a young child hears, the stronger the connections in that child’s brain will be. Children who hear fewer words before age 3 face challenges in developing language and reading skills they will need to succeed in school.  

The following radio stations are currently running the radio spots: WYCT Cat Country – 98.7 FM, WNRP 1620  AM - Talk Radio, WRNE Urban Contemporary – 980 AM, WRRX Urban Contemporary – 106.1 FM, WCOA News Talk – 1370 AM and WPNN Pensacola's Informational Station - 103.7.

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