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The Brain Architects talk policy

  • May 12, 2021
  • Shannon Nickinson
The Brain Architects podcast The Brain Architects podcast
Dr. Jack Shonkoff of the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University, describes in this episode of “The Brain Architects,” what the science of early brain development means for policymakers, system leaders, care providers, and caregivers.

His focus in on the inequities in health outcomes that have long been known to science, but that COVID-19 has laid bare for the public at large.

“From a science point of view, disparities in health outcomes is not a new discovery,” Shonkoff said. “But from a public understanding point of view, the COVID-19 epidemic and its gross inequalities in exposure, infection and complications and deaths has really put front and center the incredibly important impact of systemic racism... as it affects health.”

Buffering families from the real impacts that racism and poverty have on the physical health and well-being of children is important for better outcomes in school, health and society, Shonkoff says.

The panel discussion includes a discussion of how policies can change to address the stressors inflicted by poverty, community violence and racism.

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