PNJ rebound gets national recognition

  • August 3, 2015
  • /   Randy Hammer
  • /   community-dashboard

Columbia Journalism Review has a very complimentary story about the hard work the PNJ has done to bounce back from significant layoffs that happened in 2013.

The first paragraph of the story reads:

"Amid all the doom and gloom about the economics of the newspaper business, it can be easy to think that the best we can hope for editorially is managed decline. But one small chain-owned paper in Florida is showing that it’s possible to do better than before—and that a corporate-mandated newsroom restructuring can be managed in a way that actually leaves the remaining staff pretty happy.”

The PNJ won 16 awards in the recent Florida Society of Newspaper Editors, the most of any paper in its circulation division in the state. The article praises PNJ editor Lisa Nellessen-Lara and the job she has done restructuring the newsroom. Below is a link to the CJR story:

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