University of Chicago Partnership

Studer Community Institute, meeting room

Studer Community Institute’s tools and content to build an Early Learning City are informed by a partnership we have established with the University of Chicago’s Thirty Million Words Initiative, a research project in the university’s school of economics.

SCI is the first entity that the Chicago team has established a community-level partnership with to translate their research and interventions to a broad range of a community.

The TMW Initiative takes a public health approach to early learning using evidence-based interventions to engage parents, caregivers and practitioners into maximizing children’s early language development in the first three years of life. The Newborn Intervention is one of these interventions, developed for the parents of newborns to be delivered during the universal newborn hearing screening every child undergoes before leaving the hospital.

The video-based research project aims to measure what a new mom knows about her child’s early brain development, and then through an iPad-based video, increase her knowledge of the power that language has to build an infant’s brain. The video has been tested with families in two Chicago-area hospitals.

Pensacola is the first outside pilot of the project. Our mothers will be contributing to fine-tuning the messaging for research that is proving to be effective at increasing what parents know about brain development — and the role it plays in school readiness.

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