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Brain Bag Sponsorship

Studer Community Institute is focused on “the first 1,000 days” of a baby’s life.

Those first 3 years of life are critical in a child’s brain development.

Research tells us that the more words a child hears by age 3, the more growth occurs in their brains. The “achievement gap” — the 30 million word gap between children from low-income families and those from better-off families is linked to early language exposure.

The Brain Bags are early literacy kits that all three major birthing hospitals in Escambia County will give to their new mothers upon discharge from the hospital. They aim to coach parents on the power that language has to build a child’s brain, especially in the critical first three years of life.

They include teaching points, developed from materials from Studer Community Institute’s partners at the University of Chicago’s Thirty Million Words Initiative, to give new parents advice about how to work more words into their interactions with their babies at home.

Studer Community Institute How You Can Help Dan Barnes Reading to Children

Giving Levels

$25,000 Donation

  • Logo included on 5,000 brain bags
  • Opportunity to provide material in the brain bag binder*

$20,000 Donation

  • Logo included on the back cover of the binder
  • Opportunity to provide material in the brain bag binder*

$15,000 Donation

  • Opportunity to provide material in the brain bag binder*

Brain Bag Binder - community resources and shared content to help new parents know where to go at glance for help, advice and guidance locally. It’s all designed to be the first of many conversations we hope to help start with new parents about how important it is to talk to their babies.

*Any collateral in the Brain Bag must be approved by Studer Community Institute and is required to be relevant and educational to the audience receiving the Brain Bags.

Our early learning projects are made possible by the support of our donors, partners and sponsors. Their generosity is improving the quality of life in our community.

Thank you for helping make Pensacola an Early Learning City.

$100,000 or more

$25,000 or more

  • Marcus & Cindy Michles, Michles & Booth
  • Kim & Julian MacQueen – Innisfree Hotels
  • Pen Air Federal Credit Union

$10,000 or more

  • Sacred Heart Health System
  • Escambia County Sheriff’s Office
  • Pensacola Rotary
  • Tom Paux
  • McMillan Family Foundation
  • Early Learning Coalition of Escambia County

$5,000 or more

  • Chris Janes
  • Gulf Power Foundation
  • Bear Family Foundation
  • Clark Partington Attorneys at Law
  • Harold Dawson
  • Jerry Pate Design
  • Morette Company
  • Outerspaces Landscapes
  • Bear General Contractors
  • Pensacola EggFest
  • Jimmy and Lisa Bradley
  • Cantonment Rotary Club
  • Panhandle Charitable Open
  • Gulf Breeze Pools and Spas

$1,000 or more

  • Chris Pate
  • Dick and Carolyn Appleyard
  • Judy Burns and Burns family
  • Combined Insurance Services
  • COX
  • Miller Caldwell
  • Shirley Cronley
  • Highpointe Hotel Corporation
  • IHMC
  • Morette Construction
  • Autumn Morris
  • Myslak Family
  • April Allias
  • Andrew Rothfeder
  • SmartBank
  • Janet Pilcher
  • Assured Partners
  • Audi Pensacola
  • Baptist Health Care
  • Tim Burr
  • Carol Carlan
  • Anna Causey
  • Covenant Cares
  • Everwell Pharmacy
  • Nancy Fetterman
  • Gulf Power Company
  • Mike and Bekki Kennedy
  • Lumon May
  • Navy Federal Credit Union
  • Paces Foundation
  • Julie Sheppard
  • Cindy Sowers
  • Visit Pensacola
  • Walmart (Navy Boulevard Store)
  • West Florida Hospital
  • YMCA Northwest Florida
  • Ella Manziek
  • Trustmark Bank
  • International Paper Foundation
  • Wells Fargo Foundation
  • Cipher Health
  • Victor Wallace
  • Betty Gail and Denny Peters
  • Pensacola Association of Realtors

$500 or more

  • Brian Williams
  • Dan Fugate
  • Rebecca Garvin
  • Terry Halvorsen
  • J.M. Haygood
  • Amanda Hurd
  • Mike Morette
  • UPS Store at Milestone
  • Alice Brupbacher
  • Brett Ramsey

$100 or more

  • Ryan Greenhut
  • Danny DeWitt
  • Dominos
  • Angela Dalessandro
  • Charlie Ward
  • Kevin Adams
  • MaryAnn Aanestad
  • Diane Appleyard
  • Dick Baker
  • Aaron Ball
  • Monica Barnard
  • Shawanda Benjamin
  • Constance Bookman
  • Angela Bottesini
  • Doug Bunze
  • Ed Carson
  • Shaner Crooke
  • Wei Ueberschaer
  • Mark Van Dresar
  • Maggie and Justin Davis
  • Celeste Denmon
  • Joe DeReuil
  • Leger Douzable
  • Kevin Doyle
  • Kristina Bystrom Emery
  • Mark Faulkner
  • Richard Fountain
  • Marty Franklin
  • Carlos Garcia
  • K.C. and Mike Gartman
  • Ed Gray
  • Jim and Ann Green
  • Butch and Lee Hansen
  • Steve Hayes
  • Phil Higgins
  • Patty Hightower
  • Jordan Howard
  • David and Mary Hoxeng
  • Chris Jaubert
  • Serene Keiek
  • Stacy Keller Williams
  • Kona Ice
  • Beverly Kopper
  • Fred Levin
  • K Locker
  • Kristin Longley
  • Mary May
  • David Mayo Jr.
  • Enga McLendon
  • Lori NeSmith
  • Jean Norman
  • Mort O’Sullivan
  • Bri Page
  • Barbara Payne
  • David Peaden
  • Daniel Pennington
  • Teri Ramos
  • Ed Ranelli
  • Linda Sanders
  • Charlotte Schipman
  • Al Kress and Lo Sitton
  • Caron Sjoberg
  • Eric Stevenson
  • Lara Sweetland
  • Shayn Theriault
  • Al Topin
  • Trolley Stop Ice Cream
  • Nicole Webb
  • Karen Webb
  • Aaron West
  • Ann Yoshihashi
  • Brian Williams
  • Christina Javier
  • Amy Kuniyoshi
  • Autumn Wingate
  • Rebekah Ward
  • Stephen Grace
  • Benjamin Harrison
  • Pensacola Public Library
  • Cumulus Broadcasting
  • Pensacola Lighthouse
  • Exit Plan Escape Room
  • Lincoln Properties
  • Winn Dixie
  • Macaroni Kid
  • Air Design Systems
  • Karen Sunnenberg
  • Community Action Program
  • Julie Kunselman
  • Mia May
  • Southern League Professional Baseball

You, too, can join us in our mission to improve the quality of life. Help us as we work together to make Pensacola the best place in the world to live and raise a family.

To learn more, contact Nicole Webb Bodie, Director of Community and Business Outreach, at

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