Leading with Impact - Learn Leadership Skills to Optimize Outcomes

  • May 31, 2017
  • /   Rachael Gillette
  • /   leadership-tips

Join Studer Community Institute for ” Leading with Impact – Leadership Skills to Optimize Outcomes”

This session on “Leading with Impact” provides tools and guidance on optimizing critical leadership skills that positively impact organizational outcomes, team effectiveness, and personal development. During the workshop, you will be guided through a “Leadership Foundational Skill Assessment” as well as a “Productivity Assessment.”

Often we move into a new leadership role because we are good at our existing job, and as we take on the new position and move forward, we may have concerns about meeting new challenges and taking on new responsibilities. As a supervisor, there are new skills to master, including keeping up with a tougher workload as well as new tasks such as motivating and encouraging people to do their best, how to relate to former peers who are now subordinates, hiring, disciplining, and even firing.

Even as an established supervisor we can learn more tactics to create an impactful culture.

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