Startups down, but entrepreneurs are vital to innovation

  • August 31, 2015
  • /   Mike Ensley
  • /   entrecon

One of the themes of EntreCon, which is coming to the Rex Theater in downtown Pensacola Nov. 5 and 6 is to encourage, celebrate, ignite and improve business in our community.

Entrepreneurs are the life blood of the economy, as Inc. Magazine's  Editor-at-large Leigh Buchanan notes in a recent article.

“New businesses are disproportionately responsible for the innovation that drives productivity and economic growth, and they account for virtually all net new job creation,” says John Dearie, executive vice president for policy at the Financial Services Forum.

Recent studies are showing a decline in startups, but the trend is temporary in most analyst's eyes.

One hopeful sign is that all who have identified the decline are optimistic about its correction. Stangler says he expects to see a “huge rebound” as the economy improves. He is particularly upbeat about changing demographics, viewing young people as founders-in-waiting rather than as missing in action. “I’m pinning a lot of hope on the Millennials,” he says. “Ten years from now, we’ll have more people in their 30s than ever before in history. I would expect that to bode well for business formation.”

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