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Quint Studer Founder and CEO

Quint's Column: Keep your company healthier in 2019

A company is a living organism, and many factors go into keeping it healthy.

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Quint's Column: Before you zoom ahead into 2019, take a look in the rear-view mirror.

The transition from one year to another is an exciting and potentially powerful time. Here are some guiding questions leaders can ask themselves as they look back at 2018.

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Quint's Column: Self-awareness, clarity and development

Self-awareness, clarity and development are three key building blocks to focus on for 2019.

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Quint's Column: Small groups get big results

How can small groups be the best of both worlds?

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Quint's Column: Making large and small groups work

Sometimes more progress can be made in smaller groups — as long as everyone still feels heard.

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