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Quint Studer Founder and CEO

Quint's Column: If it’s not required and ROI isn’t clear, should we do it anyway?

Should an organization or person do value-added things that are not required by law? You might assume that, of course, the answer is yes because it benefits the customer. But what if there is not a clear return on investment?

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Quint's Column: The basics still matter

Just as average people are the culmination of all the average things they do, great people are the culmination of all the things they do well.

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Quint's Column: Leaders, it’s time to make your “to-don’t” list

Everybody loves a to-do list. It gets us focused and creates a sense of accomplishment. Here’s the problem though: How often do we stop to think about whether we should be doing the things we’re doing in the first place?

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Quint’s Column: Why we hesitate to delegate (and why we need to overcome this tendency)

Many leaders struggle with delegation, and it’s not hard to see why. Quite often leaders are promoted because they are really good at what they do. They get into a mindset of working harder and longer because they see that it improves outcomes.

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Accelerate your business with SCI's roundtable program

Despite some pretty intense weather earlier in the day, the atrium of the SCI building was filled Friday evening. 95 business owners and leaders from across Pensacola gathered to learn more about the Accelerate with SCI: Mastermind Roundtable Program.

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