Relationship Rounding

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Relationship Rounding with Employees

Relationship Rounding is dedicated time that a leader takes to talk with and listen to employees to build trust and engagement versus conveying information or random wandering. The format of rounding leads to purposeful conversations that focus on the positive as well as important aspects of work and customer care. 


Rounding is an incredibly effective, proven tool to promote employee engagement. Leaders teach their team how to shift from complaining or being passive aggressive to being proactive, focusing on the positive and bringing solutions. 

Employees want to know you care. Rounding regularly and consistently will increase your approachability. Employees also want efficient systems. They don't want to do re-work and face barriers every day at work. Rounding assists in finding creative solutions to break down barriers and roadblocks. If you don't know about an issue, you can't fix it. 

Rounding is also an opportunity to create wins. Asking employees about helpful team members increases positive thinking and creates opportunities to thank people.

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