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Team Communication

Say goodbye to the golden rule

As a new employee at Studer Community Institute, I was instructed to take a survey that would help identify my strengths. I had taken personality profiles at jobs before, and while it was good to know that everyone was different, I didn’t see much value after the initial res

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Quint's Column: If it’s not required and ROI isn’t clear, should we do it anyway?

Should an organization or person do value-added things that are not required by law? You might assume that, of course, the answer is yes because it benefits the customer. But what if there is not a clear return on investment?

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Manager with employee

How managers impact your organization's future

Those of us who have been in the workforce for 10+ years are starting to see a shift. Gone are the days of “taking what you can get” when it comes to work. Those who were once afraid to leave a steady job due to poor leadership are starting to jump ship.

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Quint's Column: The basics still matter

Just as average people are the culmination of all the average things they do, great people are the culmination of all the things they do well.

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Quint Studer

Quint's Column: A Lesson in Teamwork

July 4 holiday offers us a chance to reflect on lessons in teamwork from history.

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