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Perfect sign

Quint's Column: Is Your Perfectionism Wearing People Out?

The reason I’m interested in the subject of perfectionism is that I struggle with it myself. On one hand, I try to stay mindful that 80 percent is good enough. Often it’s the difference between getting things done and failing to execute. On the other hand, I am very self-awa

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Leader with their team

3 Leadership Lessons to Focus on This Week

Quint Studer shares three leadership tips based on conversations he's had, situations he's seen and reading he's done over the last few weeks.

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One on one meeting giving feedback

Quint’s Column: Do you have a feedback-focused culture?

How would you rate your company (and yourself) on giving feedback to employees? Many leaders struggle in this area. In the absence of helpful feedback people coast along on autopilot, making the same mistakes over and over and never improving or growing.

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Woman with laptop holding phone

Making social media work for your business

You’ve set up your Facebook and Instagram accounts. You took some awesome pictures of your new business and your products. You checked out what successful businesses are posting and replicated them. Now to sit back and wait for the “likes” to roll in…

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man speaking in front of a group of people with powerpoint presentation

Quint's Column: Why public speaking is a fundamental skill for leaders

Recently I read an article in Inc. magazine on the crucial importance of public speaking. The author, Carmine Gallo, makes a great case that being able to speak in front of a group and persuade people is no longer a “soft skill” but rather a leadership fundamental.

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