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Leader with their team

3 Leadership Lessons to Focus on This Week

Quint Studer shares three leadership tips based on conversations he's had, situations he's seen and reading he's done over the last few weeks.

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baby reading a book

SCI earns $5,000 grant from Gannett Foundation

SCI earned a $5,000 grant from Gannett Foundation.

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Quint Studer shares why it's important to make employees feel safe to  give honest feedback

Do your employees feel “safe” enough to tell you the truth?

Creating conditions that help people feel safe is one of the most important tasks of a leader.

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Quint Studer discusses the importance of feedback and how it improves the health and culture of a company

Why great leaders invite feedback and learn from it

In a healthy company, feedback flows in both directions.

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One on one meeting giving feedback

Quint’s Column: Do you have a feedback-focused culture?

How would you rate your company (and yourself) on giving feedback to employees? Many leaders struggle in this area. In the absence of helpful feedback people coast along on autopilot, making the same mistakes over and over and never improving or growing.

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